Esther Hoogendijk


Deken – Graswerk 3
Metaal & gras

” Artist Esther Hoogendijk (1987) places five large metal triangles covering parts of the grass on the lawn at Buitenplaats Doornburgh.

In the coming period, these triangles will be moved three times. By moving them, grasses and other vegetation alternate. This will create a drawing, a pattern in the grass.

Simultaneously, the sun will play its part in the drawing. The grass will be greener in colour where the sun hits the grass. While it will be yellower in the spots where the sun couldn’t reach for a while. Photosynthesis and sun work together like a photogram.

About Grasswork 3, Hoogendijk says: “Space and opportunity is created for remembrance, to allow the memories hidden in the ground to grow.”

The work can be seen on your right as you enter Doornburgh on the lawn in front of the main building.

Esther Hoogendijk, Grasswork 3, 2022, Nature drawing: metal, sun and grass”