Esther Hoogendijk

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To Be Antwerpen 2018


45 locations with 45 different artists

Weekend of 30 november – 2 december 2018

Mijn “gordijn” zal te zien zijn bij “Paulette in ’t stad”


We are happy to say that this year will be the third anniversary of To Be Antwerp!

Art galleries, cultural institutions, design- and antique dealers located near the Leopoldplaats in Antwerp, are forming an experimental platform by opening their space to young graduates from

the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and St Lucas School of Arts Antwerp.

The program is supplemented with music and dance, performed by artists of the

Royal Conservatoire and Jazz Pop studio.


Weekend of 30 november – 2 december 2018

Friday 30.11.18

18.00u – 21.00u

Saturday 01.12.18

13.00u – 18.00u

Sunday 02.12.18

13.00u – 18.00u

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